Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Of Cars and Bicycles

Well I had a run in with a car on Friday Sept. 25th. As usual the guy said he didn't "see" me, which is hard to believe as well lit as the area is and the fact that I had a neon yellow jersey with reflective bits on it, my shorts and my gloves. Well of course car beats bicycle, I may look like I weigh as much as a car, but I don't. I landed on my back, shoulder and head, destroying my jersey and helmet, not to mention my bicycle. My insurance will most likely cover the cost of my bike, too bad bicycles cost even more now. If I ever recover anything due to this crash it will be years before I get anything to cover the replacement of the bike. In the mean time I want to ride, I have my mountain bike, and that will work for commuting, but not for any longer rides over the weekend. I guess I will try and explore some singletrack up in Folsom, I hear they have some good riding up there. The biggest bummer is I couldn't ride the Gran Fondo last weekend. I did end up with a good picture with Levi.

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