Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good News!

Well, got some good news. My insurance will cover the cost of my bike. I have it into the bicycle shop to evaluate the damage. You never know with carbon fiber and aluminum, I took a pretty good hit so it may be beyond repair. I know my Ultegra STI shifters are toast, and they don't make replacements for the 9 speed stuff any more, so I will need a new drivetrain if nothing else. Insurance will also cover the cost of my cycling clothes that were torn up in the crash.

If nothing else I am yet another cyclist that proves the fact that helmets save lives, at least mine saved me from traumatic brain injury. Every day I see cyclists that ride without helmets and ride the wrong way (against traffic), it is like motorcycles though and some people just don't realize what could happen if you hit your head even at low speeds.

I am hoping that if my bike is totaled that I can get a Wilier or Colnago with SRAM Force components. I was hoping to get one when I got to my target weight, didn't plan on braking bones to get one. I just want to get back out on my bike and ride, if nothing else get on my mountain bike, there are so many good places for both road and mountain biking here. Close to the Sierra foothills and the coastal mountains.

Let me get a plug in for the bicycle shops I use: Performance Bicycle (kind of like the Target of bicycle shops, good quality and low prices) and IKON Cycles, it is a really good local shop, very small, but very good and friendly.

I think one of the biggest complaints I have about bike shops and some cyclists is the attitude. They act like they were never beginners, that the always were or are professional class cyclists and he shops don't have any tolerance for anyone that doesn't fit their image of what a cyclist should look like. I do shave my legs, this doesn't mean that I think I am a pro or even a good amateur, I just think it is better if I crash. If someone else doesn't, shave their legs, I don't think that they are any less of a cyclist, but if you were to go into one of "those" shops the people wouldn't wait on you. I am happy to help an overweight cyclist, maybe my help will allow them to reach their goals or make their riding more enjoyable. Well that is my soapbox for today. Good evening!

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