Sunday, October 24, 2010

Howard Park CX

Well my first race of the season, or for that matter the first race since about 1989 or so, and my first cyclocross since 1984.  I really sucked out there, I didn't finish last I don't think, but I was pretty darn close.  It was very sloppy out there and I managed to fall twice, but it was soft mud, so it cushioned my fall.  In hindsight I should have run about 10 psi less in the tires, I ran 38 psi and it still didn't grip much.  The reduction in tire pressure wouldn't have helped me ride any faster, I just need to work harder.  I probably could have raced the Men's C race rather than the Men's B 35+, but oh well, it was hard but fun.

I used the Mad Alchemy embrocation, mellow favor, I think I need to use some lotion or something prior to set it off. After racing and sponging off it did start to warm more than it did during the race.  But it was really hard to apply in the drivers seat of a Ford Focus with the door shut to keep out the pouring rain, boy do we need to get the van running again.  Well after a weekend of racing and working on plotting response spectra and putting together plots and text for a report I am ready to go to sleep.  Goodnight all!

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