Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Already!

Well I am sure glad I got in around 80 miles yesterday, it as a beautiful ride with the Cycle Folsom Peloton group.  We got a bit of climbing in and it was a great day, upper 60's, sunny and not very much wind.  I actually rode in my shorts, I started the ride with arm and leg warmers, but it warmed up quick.  After the ride the family and I went to OZ Korean BBQ for some terrific Korean food, of course I can eat Kimchi all day.

Too bad the great weather of the past couple of weeks comes to an end tonight, supposed to rain most of the next week with progressively more and more rain each day, but we need the rain.  I am sure we need the rain, but I do hate riding indoors.  I have the some of the Sufferfest videos, Angels and The Hunted, both of which are great and can sure lead you through 60 min or so in a fun way.  I am looking forward to trying some of the others that they have.

Well I am going to go back to watching the Grammy's and then go to bed, just thought I would share a bit before bed.

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