Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well I am having problems with being itchy.  To most people my itchiness must seem rather silly, but for some reason when I am having problems with itching it is just crazy.  I itch so bad I can scratch all the hair off of my arms along with some of the skin.  It doesn't affect me to often, but when it does it is crazy, I have to take more benadryl (diphenhydramine) then most people could stand.  Often when I am having a really bad attack I may take 12 to 16 in a day, just so I can function.  That is if you could call the zombie state which ensues a functioning state.

Mind you this only effects my forearms, typically the right forearm more than the left.  I have been to doctors and dermatologists, but they have never came up with a reason.  I have tried various topical creams, but none have really worked and most have caused more problems.  There have been several bouts which have landed my in the hospital and required intravenous benadryl to stop it.   

I did get in a good 2.5 hours on the bike yesterday, it was about 50 degrees or so and overcast, but my feet froze.  The rest of me was fine, but I need to get some shoe covers to keep my feet warm.  There were quite a few people out riding, not to many on the Folsom South Canal, but on the American River Trail there were a lot.  Why is it that some cyclists are just assholes about everything.  I went to pass a slower duo of riders and said, "on your left" to let them know I was passing and to try and let them know before I went by them, but all I got was a bunch of smartass (actually dumbass) comments shouted at me.   I have been yelled at by triathlete people for drafting them for a split second before passing them.  The only reason being I didn't have room, or we were going though a series of turns, which I might add are tricky enough on a "regular" road bike, but they are doing them on a tri-bike with aero bars which give them little control in the corners.  But I am the asshole for following them for 5 seconds before passing, what a bunch of primadonnas.  For those who don't know the American River Trail is a multi-use trail, bikes, walkers, runners and horses (in some areas).  This trail is great for being able ride without the hassle of cars, although there is always a battle for supremacy between the cyclists and the runners.  Of course there is quite a range of experience level among the cyclists that use the trail, and I generally give a wide berth to those who look like they may not be the most  expert of cyclists, but I think they have just as much right to ride as any of us.  I seem to be in the minority from what I have seen, wish more cyclist were just a bit nicer while riding.  Well that is my suggestion, ride nice or go home!

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