Monday, December 21, 2009

Medical Update and other Ramblings

Well I had my 90 day x-rays and orthopedic appointment.  Sorry to say it was just like I had thought, very little healing and my bones at rather odd angles.  So I get to use a bone stimulator (ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator to be exact), it my insurance will pay for it.  I should find out within a couple of weeks.  I guess no aggressive weightlifting for me.  I did manage to run 6 miles today, good break from cycling and works different muscles.  I can bet I will be sore, but I did run last week as well.  Unfortunately it hurts my shoulder no matter what I do, I just have to minimize the amount of pain.

I did find the cyclocross channel on YouTube, they have Sporza broadcasts from Belgium of most of the World Cup cyclocross races.  The Kalmthout round this past weekend is very good, and very cold, with snow, ice and general misery.  But if you like to watch cyclocross this is pretty cool.  Well I am hoping that the weather stays dry for a couple of days so I can ride at least a little bit.  Happy Christmas Everyone!

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