Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Broken Collarbones for Everyone!!?

Well it looks like I am on good company when it comes to broken collarbones.  It appears that so far this year Kurt Asle-Arvesen (Team Sky), Steven Cozza (Garmin-Transitions) and Gerald Ciolek (Milram) have all broken their collarbones.  Of course they will have surgery almost immediately and be back on their bikes within a week.  Here I am 5 months after my collarbone is just now going to get "fixed".   I know I am not a professional bike racer, but I would like to be back riding and be somewhat pain free.  Right now I am still hurting, not constant pain, but still hurting.  Sometimes I think there is some rotator cuff damage as well, it locks up sometimes and that really hurts.

Well the season appears to be well underway, with the Tour Down Under finished, Tour of Qatar and Challenge Ciclista a Mallorca both going on now.  I am really just waiting for Milan-San Remo, I think it is the really start to the season and is at least at a reasonable time into the season that you don't have to spread out your peaks by months and months.  I am also pleased that Ricardo Ricco won't be riding MSR, I don't think he should be riding again, given his attitude toward doping and the fact his girlfriend had a positive dope test in the past month.

Well the crazy times continue at work and I better get some sleep to be ready for tomorrow.  Cheers!

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