Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring has sprung?

Well at least springtime temperatures are here in Northern California, and I have ridden for a whole four days it a row.  Leave it to me to get the training ball rolling well just before going out of town and then having surgery.  Well at least it appears like I will be ready after my collarbone heals from the surgery, too bad I had to wait 5 months for them to decide to fix it.  I think I should be able to get back to riding in about two to four weeks post-surgery, I am hoping for the two weeks but I am prepared for the four weeks.  I will however need to get back to work rather quickly following surgery.

I hope to take advantage of the nice weather here before heading off to Denver and then on to West Palm Beach.  I guess I am doing a weather tour of the US.  Slight chance of precipitation in Denver on Friday and Saturday, but when I fly to West Palm Beach on Sunday the forecast looks pretty good.  I hope I can get out a run at least a few days while in Florida, don't want to lose too much fitness, it will be hard enough with the food selections that I will have available.  I have chicken and fish dishes selected for the lunches and dinner meals for the conference meals.  I will have a one or two mile walk to the conference site in Florida, the main hotel was full and the conference is going to be at a convention center anyway.

Just in case those of you who know me from my cycling past and present don't know, I am a geotechnical engineer.  In other words I play with dirt and rocks, at least that is how I typically explain what I do.  I work in an office most of the time now doing numerical simulations of the construction and seismic deformations of dams, levees and other structures that interact and/or interface with the ground.  I play with computers and am in charge of a group of engineers that works at the high end of engineering, that is high risk structures.  I am a geek, which is why I really get into the science of training for cycling.  I hope I can get my coaching credential this year, not like I have time to do much coaching, but I would like to be able to have something besides my years of cycling experience and all the reading on physiology and training methods to be able to point to, and who knows I may learn even more.

Well enough blogging and Olympics watching for the night.  Have a great week everyone and Happy Valentines Day!

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