Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great racing, weird week for dopers.

Great racing today at both the Amgen Tour of California and Giro d'Italia.  Both had tension filled racing that made sure we couldn't stop watching, this is what I love to see when I watch a great stage race, nothing that is taken for granted.  Mick Rogers did a masterful job keeping his rivals in check and Levi and DZ kept Mick from becoming complacent.  Congratulations to Mick on his great win at the TOC and I am looking forward to the final week of the Giro, I hope the fireworks continue with Cadel, Ivan Basso, Vincinzo Nibali and David Arroyo!

The other big news this week is Floyd Landis' news about his doping.  Now there have been blog entries ad nauseam about it and that is usually followed be comments about how the blogger got it totally wrong and how he/she don't really understand/know what is really going on.  In my opinion I think we just need to let things play out and let the chips fall where they may.  Yes, Floyd's credibility may be suspect, anyone who denies something for so long would be suspect, but who knows for sure, I don't.  I hope that what Floyd has accused in his emails and other writings isn't true, I would hate to see so many people "go down", but whatever happens I hope that cycling come out the better for it.  Just look at the recent issue of Bicycling magazine discusses amateurs doping and the fact that it appears that most of the dopers are masters riders who are looking to hold on to that illusion of youth.

I have my racing licence, but I doubt I get more than 5 races in this year.  I hope I can race more, but I have no illusions that I am not going to be a winner in my races, I will just be happy to finish.  Yes I would like to win, but winning isn't always the result of being the fittest rider, but the fittest rider that can read the situation.  My training this year has been pretty uneven, I have either been sick, like the past week, or rehabilitating broken bones that should have healed much faster, but I can't change those things and I just have to deal with them.  I am sure that I will have other illnesses or injuries, but I will get through it.

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