Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in Kansas, on vacation?

Strange as it may seem I am visiting Kansas on vacation.  There are lots of reasons that I come back to Kansas, not the least of which is that my mother still lives here.  So we are staying in the same bedroom I had growing up, although it is much nicer now that I am not a teenager and my mother has repainted and fixed up the room.  We also had my 25th High School reunion for Topeka High School class of 1985, although I graduated earlier than that, it was my class that I was supposed to graduate in.  All I can say it that some people never change or grow up for that matter.  It seems like so many people, not just in our class but all high schools resort to cliques at reunions, instead of breaking out of that mold and getting to know some people that they didn't know as well in high school.  It also seems like most of the people at the reunion were from out of town, very few people from Topeka actually came, kind of sad.  Well that is over and I don't know whether I will bother with the next one, there are so many other things to do than spend it with some people who really don't care what is going on with you, not to say that everyone there is like that, but you get my meaning I hope.

Also being back in Topeka gave me the chance to ride with some people that I haven't ridden with in 25 years, although I wasn't exactly up to the task.  I rented a bike from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike in Lawrence, a pretty good deal, but it wasn't exactly what I was used to, it was more of a touring bike.  But beggars (renters) can't be choosers I guess, at least not here.  I have managed to ride just about every day and I am hoping to take Steve Tilford up on borrowing Trudi's bike for a couple of days, it is much nicer than the rented bike.  I did of course bring my saddle and pedals so I am at least somewhat comfortable.  I forgot how humid it really was here, I knew it was going to be humid, but even on the "mild" days it is much more humid that I am used to.

The Tour of Lawrence is this weekend, I am hoping to go and watch at least.  There are sprints downtown on Friday, a circuit race on the University of Kansas campus, 400 feet of climbing per lap according to the commercial on the radio, and a crit on Sunday downtown.  I mainly want to watch the circuit race, it should be interesting.

I did find a picture that my mother had that I thought was rather interesting.
This is a photo of me in my Jerry's bike shop, Wheatland Cycling Team jersey at who knows what race.  The Alan bicycle I bought from Mr. May from Wichita, can't remember his first name.  He was killed by a car while on a training ride, an all too frequent occurrence it seems now a days.  The Alan was kind of like riding a wet noodle, very soft, but really light.  Boy do I wish I was that weight, 125 pounds, now.  I would be happy with 150, 160 or even 170, but it seems like I am stuck at 200.  I have been watching my calorie intake and mix of carbs, protein and fat, and on this trip I have ridden more than 200 miles in less than a week, which is more than I have been.  I think my metabolism is plotting against me, or so it seems.  Hopefully I can post some good pictures from the Tour of Lawrence before I head back to Cali on Tuesday of next week. Ride safe! 

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