Monday, June 21, 2010

Great foothills ride!

Wow, rode from Elk Grove, South of Sacramento, up to Nevada City today.  It was about 78 miles with 4,200 feet of climbing, most all of which came after the first 25 miles.  Got to watch some of the 50th Nevada City Classic, didn't stay for the Pro, 1/2 race, but it was cool.  I am exhausted it was a hard ride, but I felt pretty good considering I still need to lose 50 pounds, which makes it rather tough climbing, but the intervals I have been doing appear to have done some good.

Getting ready to head back to Kansas for 2 weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing my mother and all of my friends back there.  Also looking forward to eating at Tortilla Jack's, not the most authentic Mexican food, but is some of the most tasty food ever.  Also look forward to Hu Hot and several other places.  Not bringing my bike back, but I am going to try and run every day, 6 to 10 miles ought to be good.   I have to work while I am back in Kansas, but I do have at least 4 or 5 days of vacation, two weekends and one holiday during the 14 days I am gone.  So all in all not too bad.

Tour de France starts while I am back, can't wait!  Tour de Suisse had a rather interesting ending, I thought for sure that Robert Gesink would be able to dig deep and do a time that was good enough to maintain his lead.  But, Frank Schleck and Lance Armstrong leapfrogged Gesink.  I don't know whether Lance can win the Tour, but I think he will place well, either way it will be good.

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