Sunday, August 29, 2010

People Suck! Music is good!

Well I got back to riding on Friday after being in Albuquerque for two weeks, with camping at MacKerricher State Park north of Ft. Bragg, CA over the weekend.  During my short ride, I was attacked by a motorist intent on doing me harm.  The driver, in a white dually pickup and what I would find out was a fifth wheel trailer started by hitting me with is rearview mirror, he actually slowed down and made sure that his mirror struck my head.  He then proceeded to slowly pass me and repeatedly struck me with his truck and then his trailer, finally causing me to have to ride down an embankment into a ditch.  There were 3 or 4 other people in the truck with him and I guess it never occurred to them that doing what they did could have killed me, nor did they apparently care if I was hurt in any way.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What had I done that would warrant a motorist trying to kill me?  I don't run red lights or stop signs recklessly, I generally try and be courteous to other vehicles, unless they try and hurt me or if they are driving in a way that could hurt others, but I try not to antagonize them.

I guess I can chalk it up to the ignorance of the American people, and the kind of unthinking crap they believe now.  Between behaving like idiots and thinking that texting and driving isn't going to hurt anyone I am beginning to wonder if the American people get how stupid they look.  On Saturday we had another incident, this time driving.  We were taking Cathy to the church and another texting idiot ran right though a stop sign and nearly hit us, and probably would have had I not laid on the horn, to which the other driver looked at us like we were the ones in the wrong.  I can't understand why all the drivers seem to have such impatience, I can't see why they think that if they have to slow down around cyclists they are going to be so late for whatever important event (most likely nothing) that they can't possibly yield for a few seconds so that they don't kill someone and that cyclists are just obstacles in "their" way.  Do they think we are just inanimate object that they can hit or run over and no one else will be affected?  That a cyclist can't possibly have a wife and kids that would miss them?  I read articles every day where another cyclist has been hurt or killed.  Why does riding a bicycle have to be a life or death choice? I am just fed up with the attitude I get from people that think a bicycle is just a toy for a small child and not a vehicle that can be used for all types of transportation, as a viable alternative to driving.  Ok, I guess that is enough of a rant at least for right now.

I have seen several good movies lately, "Control" a bio-pic about Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis and another bio-pic "The Flying Scotsman" about cyclist Grahame Obree, who set the hour-record and won the world pursuit championships several times and battling depression.  I would recommend  both of these to anyone who might or might not be a cyclist or a punk music fan.

Speaking of music, I am been noodling on my guitars for several days.  It seems like every time I take a few months without playing I come back playing better, really kind of weird.  I am hoping to go to the Disturbed concert coming up, at least the lawn tickets are only $20, which isn't too bad, but the rest of the lineup for the concert is rather suspect, mostly metal that I really don't like too much.  Well that is enough for one weekend, hope everyone has a great week!

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