Thursday, September 16, 2010

Almost Gran Fondo Time!

Well it is almost here, Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge Gran Fondo!  Last year around this time I was getting hit by a car, so I missed riding in the first one, but I had signed up for the Medio Fondo last year.  This year I am doing the whole enchilada.  Several of us from the Sacramento area are going over to Occidental to ride the northern portion of the Fondo on Saturday, about 70 miles or so with around 4,200 feet of climbing.  I am really looking forward to the pre-ride.  I just want to get a good feel for what I am up against on October 9th.   I don't think it should be too much of a problem.  I have plenty of miles in the legs, and I have been climbing much better, although I could still stand to lose 40 pounds.  I guess I will have to continue my weight loss regime over the winter. I am planning to ride the Sacramento Cyclocross Series, well at least 6 of the 8 of the races.  The first race in the series is on October 9th and the last one is around the time I am going to be at Disneyworld.

Last weekend we, Glenn, Gene and I, went over to the Napa Valley and rode out of Yountville, a really nice place if you haven't been before.  We climbed Mt. Veeder, which is a rather easy climb, but still 2,400 feet of climbing.  I think every cyclist thinks that they look a lot better when riding than they really do, I know I think that I look very professional when I ride and that everyone mistakes me for a much better rider.  The fact is that I probably look like an overweight guy stuffed into spandex that is way too tight for my physique, but hey I like my delusions.

I know I am not in the best of shape, but I am far better off that I was two years ago, I just wish I could drop these extra 40 pounds.  Hopefully I can make a concerted effort and start next season in much better shape.  I also am hoping to get a power meter, I am looking at a Quarq, since it looks like the Metrigear Vector is not going to hit the market anytime soon.  I  just read Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, PhD, which really appeals to the engineer in me, lots of data analysis and such.  Just the thing to really get into the science of training. Well starting to get really sleepy, so it is time to say goodnight!

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