Friday, November 12, 2010

Another week gone

Wow another week gone, it is almost the end of the year.  The past couple of years have gone by so quick, with all of my medical problems and everything it just seems like a blur.  It seems like just yesterday that I was watching the Tour de France and now Paris-Tours is long gone and we are in the middle of cyclocross season.  I don't quite understand why the wheels of justice are grinding so slow on the whole Contador affair.  I think just about anyone else they would have pushed this forward by now.  It seems like most doping cases are over, at least the primary portion, at less than 6 months, we are now near that point and this doesn't look anywhere near close to resolution.  It is really depressing to think that so many cyclists doped in the 80's and 90's.  I know that even before the 80's the doping wasn't very, or should I say, as sophisticated.  Look at Michael Pollentier in the 1978 Tour, where he was ejected due to a trying to cheat a doping control after winning the Alpe d'Huez stage.  I don't know if they know what he was using that he had to have a condom full of urine to pass of as his own, but if you need to use someone else's urine to pass the test than you probably have something to hide.  I think in the 70's it was probably steroids or amphetamines, there wasn't EPO or CERA or anything really close to that level at that time.

It seems like now that sports nutrition is just about at the level of doping now, there is so much literature about the use of nutritional aids that seem borderline, but are perfectly legal.  I just don't think I take things that seriously, but it seems like there are quite a few cyclists that do.

Well tomorrow, after my three or so hour ride we head to San Francisco to spend the night on the USS Hornet with Andrew's cub scout pack.  I guess there are 30 boys, but more than 90 of us in our group.  Should be interesting.  We bought some new flashlights, we needed some anyway for our camping trips.  Andrew and I got headlamps, I really like those, they leave your hands free and light your way.  Well I am headed to bed and will report how the Hornet went when I get back on Sunday.

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