Sunday, December 5, 2010

Serious lack of motivation

Wow, I can't believe that it is December already.  I raced in the Wednesday night cyclocross series race in Folsom.  Boy did I suck, it was bad enough that I got a crappy start and had way to much pressure in my tires, but midway through the lap I got ran over.  Some guy, who I never did figure out who it was, ran into me from behind on a slight rise and took out my ankle and my rear derailleur got bent.  It was partially the hanger and partially the cage itself.  I think I have everything bent back into place, but I haven't ridden the bike since I "fixed" it.  Was supposed to race in Grass Valley on Saturday, but I have had a serious motivation deficit.

It is amazing how many of the people I raced with in the 80's are on facebook.  Most of them took racing much more seriously and progressed into Cat 1 and 2 and professional racing, while I went into the military.  Kind of strange how things happen.  Don't know how things would have turned out had I went to school in the states instead of going to Germany.  I did get to race a bit over there, but nothing too serious.  Well now I know I'm not going to be very competitive, but I think now I can at least enjoy racing and not worry so much about making it or not making it.

We have decided not to move, yeah!  It is such a relief to not be moving, but now we need to things sorted out in the house. Our rent is less and Andrew still has his pool and trampoline and the back yard to play in.  Much better situation.

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