Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tour de France!

Well just one more day until the 2011 Tour de France begins.  I was just thinking back to the early 80's when I got my Tour de France and Coors Classic updates by calling some 1-800 number and listening to a 1 or 2 minute report on the days stage.  I think it cost like 50 cents per call and I was calling sometimes twice a day because I wanted to hear the latest news.  I don't know if VeloNews lost money on those or if they made a ton of money off of them.  The Tour is on TV now, well it has been for quite a while, but now it is on every day of the Tour and it is even in HD.  I can bet my parents wished that the Tour was on TV, we had way too many dollars added on our phone bill with those updates!

This past weekend I didn't ride at all but went "camping" for Andrew's cub scout pack.  I put camping in quotes because it was at the KOA campground in Lodi, and camping at a KOA is kind of like pitching a tent in a Holiday Inn parking lot. We even brought the Keurig coffeepot, so roughing it was not to the agenda for this trip.  Since we were headed near Stockton I went ahead and ordered some wheels from Williams, some carbon clinchers, the 38s.  Keith Williams was actually there and when over the wheels with me.  When we got back on Sunday I immediately got some Vittoria Rubios on them and a cassette off of one of my other wheelsets, put the Williams brake pads on and took a ride around the block.  I haven't taken them off all week.  I have about 170 miles between Monday and today (Thursday) and they ride great.  I on the other hand feel like crap, but it appears, at least from my ride times that I end up riding the same general times regardless of whether I feel good or not.  I did take a picture of the bike with the new wheels on.

Well until next time!

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