Saturday, October 17, 2009

Veruca Salt waiting for a bike

Like the title says, I feel like Veruca Salt waiting for a bike, I want it now! But, I am just waiting for my check to get here so that I can put my down payment down on my bike. I know that I want to use the SRAM Force component group and 3T handlebars and stem and most likely I will get a Wilier Izoard Frame, but I don't really have a preference for seatpost. I think that I will probably get Fulcum 5 or 7's, but I also like the Williams wheels, they are built in Stockton, CA and really are close in weight to the rest of the wheels out there and they are really reasonably priced. I will be happy with either set, I just want to get back out and riding. Seats are ridiculously expensive now, I have seen some up to 400 dollars. I guess things have gotten quite advanced, but 400 for a saddle?

I went to Seattle on Thursday and flew back on Friday. Forgot how beautiful Seattle is, lots of green and lots of rain. Too bad I didn't have time to go anywhere but the hotel and the office. Our office is in Redmond which is where Microsoft headquarters is located, and boy are there a lot of Microsoft buildings. Had a good spinach enchilada for lunch, should have had some fish, the Mexican scallops looked really good.

My son Andrew had an appointment with the doctors this past week and we again are working with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS in addition to ADHD. Andrew is such a great kid and we love him so much, I just worry about him, I want him to have the chance to do whatever he wants. I hope that we can get his bike sent from Kansas at some time, he has just about outgrown his bicycle that he has now. I hope he can enjoy cycling, I just worry about all the nuts out there who harm children and all the idiots that can't drive in a straight line. At least there are some trails I can take him to ride on. I remember riding my Schwinn Stingray all over Topeka when I was his age. We would do all sorts of stupid things making jumps and doing wheelies everywhere. But it was great being able to go anywhere we wanted with only our legs powering our adventures.

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