Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work is going to kill me!

Well I have to fly to LA on Tuesday, actually somewhere between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, but is all LA to me. This trip will follow my trip to the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. As a result of the new x-rays my doctor had the orthopod call me and tell me I had to have an appointment on Monday. I finally got to see the x-rays for myself, boy is my collarbone f'd up. There are several distinct pieces and they are not together. My guess is that they will want to plate and pin it or use rods through the bone, either way I will have even more time off of the bike. I got my new helmet, a Lazer O2, really nice. I would say it is the best helmet I have ever owned, comfortable and easily adjustable, at least at home, we will see how I like it riding later.

Put some street tires on my MTB to make it more suitable as a commuter, I have some new lights and I am going to put more reflective bits on it to make me more visible, not like I ride at night or anything, but I don't want anyone to have an excuse. Jonathan Vaughters will be speaking in Mill Valley, that is near San Fran if you didn't know, next week. It is a benefit for the high school MTB league in Northern California. I would love to go, but I just don't have an extra $75 or time to go. Work is starting to consume my life again. If I could ride back and forth to work I think I would feel a lot better, but that isn't going to happen in the near future.

Got a really cool thermal bike mug from ElevenGear, they have some really cool stuff. I went to their website after getting something from them at Levi's Gran Fondo and wah-la a new thermal bike mug in the mail.

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