Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday afternoon, and I am working!

Well it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Northern California!  Too bad I have work to do.  I made my reservation to Los Angeles for Tuesday.  Our client wants to not only meet, he now wants me to make a presentation.  Not like I had any extra time to put together a presentation in addition to trying to get things reviewed for all the other projects I am working on.  But at least Andrew is watching "Gremlins", which I really don't care about, so it isn't like I really need to watch it.  I guess it should keep me focused on my work, as you can see from my post I am diligently working.

Can't believe Cadel Evans is going to BMC next year!  I know Silence-Lotto wasn't up to the task for Le Tour, but will BMC be able to support him much better?  George H. is good, but he is getting older and I thought he didn't want to do the tour again, but I didn't get that first hand so who knows?  Allesandro Ballan may have been a world champion, but I haven't ever seen him ride to his potential in anything else.  Karsten Kroon and some of the others should be pretty good.  Added some cycling links to some of my favorite cycling websites, just in case you need more things to look and waste your time.

Wish I could get out to some cyclocross races, I know there are some

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