Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad news on the medical front, at least for now.

Well went to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday and he said that I was set for surgery on Thursday, until he learned that I didn't injure it the week before, but once he learned it was injured 5 weeks ago he said he wasn't going to operate.  I, of course, didn't ask any questions.  The doctor said that he would look at x-rays in 7 more weeks, but wouldn't operate unless it didn't heal in 6 months.  I am not quite sure what to think at that point.  I am going to get another appointment to see if he can explain why he wants to wait so long to before trying to fix things. I am scared that if I try and ride again and I fall I will do irreparable damage to my shoulder.  I certainly don't want to wait six months until I ride again.  Maybe it is because I'm not down to 150 pounds and don't look like a bicycle racer yet, I don't need to get an operation because I don't look like I might need to worry about hurting it again.  Well more tomorrow!

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