Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Night Fun!

Well I finally got enough time to blog again.  It has been a crazy week with fragility analysis review for the Sacramento levees and the I-405 project down in Los Angeles (Santa Monica).  I got my new bike:

2010 Wilier Izoard with SRAM Force, 3T Stem and Bars, Fulcrum 5 wheels, Sella Italia Gel Flow Team Edition.  I can't wait to ride and I think I might be able to try, it all depends on the weather though, it rained today and is a bit chilly, but it could be a lot worse.  If nothing else I will be riding my MTB on my trainer tomorrow.  I need to get back into the swing of things, all this time off of the bike is not good.  I haven't gained more than a couple of pounds, but I don't want to fall into the trap of not riding again.  I spent to many years not doing anything and I still have 50 pounds to lose.

I like the fact that I can work from home most days, just wish I could move my office here completely, but I do need to spend some time in the office.  I wish I felt better about riding into the office, I am downright scared to ride with these crazy drivers.  Just read the link Ted King posted about the guy who shot at a cyclist and only got 4 months,  It is unreal that people hate cyclists for even riding on "their" roads, it doesn't matter that there is a bike lane or that we are actually saving gas and not polluting.  To the driving public we seem to be an obstacle in their way and they don't care how they get around us or through us.  Dave Zabriskie founded an organization called Yield to Life that tries to get the message out to both cyclists and drivers about using the roads together.  There are good quizzes that every driver and cyclist should take, I wouldn't be surprised if most people knew the answer to even half of the questions.  I do get upset at motorists, I try not to, but when someone runs me off the road or nearly kills me I have a hard time.  I am going to start carrying pen and paper to write down peoples licence plates, but most police don't think crimes against cyclists matter at all.  My case in point, there were several witnesses to my collision, but the police didn't take down anyones name, not a single one.  It is like it really wasn't a big deal, never mind that it shattered my collarbone.  Well enough of a rant for tonight, please Yield to Life! 

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