Saturday, December 5, 2009

Full Moon

Full moon last night, I should have known with the drivers behaving they way they were yesterday during my ride.  I guess I am pretty gun-shy about riding around cars, a lady started to cross in front of me, just like my accident, I yelled because I didn't know if the lady was going to hit me.  But she kept coming, why do people wonder why we yell at them, we can't read their minds and we don't know if they really see us or not.  She yelled at me, "I see you", but this is after she nearly runs me over, WTF?  Why not wait to turn until I clear the bike path across where they are turning, instead of turning right at me and just stopping short of hitting me?  I am glad the American River Trail and the other "multi-use" trails are around, but I can't ride on the trails all the time.  Just have to ride defensively and try to be as safe as possible.  I need to get some more obnoxious yellow jerseys and jackets so people can see me.  

I can't believe that teams are already getting prepared for next season, I remember in the 70's and 80's that teams didn't really have training camps like they do now or if they did they weren't until February or March.  I remember that the Cassoday Road Race was the official start of the season in Kansas, I think around the end of March.  Much before that and it was too cold, even then you had to have a wool long sleeve jersey and wool tights.  I think my shoe covers were just several socks that I cut for my cleats and used duct tape to try and make the opening a little more durable.  But toe clips always cut of some circulation so my toes always froze.  Northern New York was even worse, I can remember getting snow on June 1st one year, but at least I could cross country ski right outside my house up there.  I am thankful that I live in Northern California now, I am close to skiing country and can ride most of the year.  Speaking of which, here are some pictures of the Sacramento CX:

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