Friday, January 1, 2010

Captain's Blog

Not really, just thought it sounded funny, not like a million other people probably thought of it first.  It is the first blog of a new year, yea 2010!  Although my knee is still hurting like crazy, riding doesn't seem to hurt at all, unless I get out of the saddle, then we have massive pain.  So the key is just sit and spin.  I did happen to finally get my fat butt out of the chair and ride today.  Didn't think it was going to happen today, it rained last night and off and on all day today and I really have to be motivated to ride in the rain, at least cold rain.  But I guess it is all relative, I would ride when it was 40 degrees and raining in Kansas, here I think it is too cold at 50 degrees, weird.

I do need to get into a routine and get my season, like I am a real bike racer, planned out.  Somehow it seems kind of funny to plan my training when I may have 10 or so races or rides like Levi's King Ridge Gran Fondo this year, but now that scientific training is the norm it really appeals to the engineer in me.  It seems so funny that in the 70's and early 80's the training wasn't so much based on science as it was on feeling and intervals were not as regimented as they are now.  I have a heart rate monitor, but haven't made the leap to power measurement.  I guess the the cost is what really prevents me from taking the plunge, a 1,500 dollar wheel or 3,500 dollar crankset are a bit much for an "average" cyclist.  I am hoping that the new Vector from Metrigear will cost less than 1,000 dollars, although that is still some serious money, I think that the benefits of being able to direct my training would help immensely.  Any time savings would be great since I am not a professional cyclist who doesn't have unlimited time to train, although even if I was a pro, I can imagine that it would help keep me from wasting time on training that isn't targeted on my weaknesses.  

I did get a couple of new books, I got a Barnes and Noble gift certificate from my aunt Sue, thank you Sue!  I got "The Ultimate Ride" by Chris Carmichael, another training book, and "Uphill Battle" by Owen Mulholland, about some of cycling's greatest climbers.  I love the history of cycling and reading about some of my cycling heroes.  I hope one of these days I can meet Lucien Van Impe, I can remember reading about him in Bike World and Velo News in the 70's and imagining that I was a great climber like him.  I doubt I will ever climb as well, I hope I can lose enough weight to climb some of the foothills and mountains around here with some speed.

Well we have had a pretty good time the last couple of weeks with Philip out here from college and Andrew sticking to Philip like glue.  Drew really misses having Phil around and I am so glad that Drew gets to spend time with his big brother.  We got a letter from one of our Korean sons Hae Chan, who is just about done serving his time in the Korean military.  I am looking forward to Hae visiting us when he comes back to the states to go to school.  Maybe he will go to school out here in California, although he was going to school in Missouri.  You know you are getting old when a daughter of some friends, friends you on Facebook.  Back when I was getting into cycling Mike and Judy Hudson were the USCF district representatives, they put me in touch with the resources of the day to help me along.  Without Mike and Judy I don't know if I would have felt as welcomed into cycling.  Heidi their daughter is now married, I can remember when she was born, boy that makes me feel old.  Zach their son is a stuntman and has been in quite a few films, just amazing.

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