Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is it really 10 days into January?

Well I am back from our family trip to Disneyland and I am done with the vacations for a while.  We had a great time, great weather and the fireworks on Friday were spectacular.  We drove down Hollywood Blvd. and went to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Pier on Saturday before we headed home to Sacramento.  I really need to get back into a routine with my eating and riding habits.  I tried to eat as healthy as I could at Disneyland, but that can be rather difficult at times with some of the great food they have at Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney.  The pasta jambalaya is very tasty.   

Up here in Northern California the weather is warm compared to most of the country and we don't have tons of snow on the ground, but this is what should be the rainy season, but we haven't been getting rain like we should be.  It rains just enough to be annoying, but not enough to help us with the drought conditions.  I would like to ride outdoors, but I guess I am just a bit nervous riding in the wet, it didn't bother me when I was younger, but now I get skittish about it.  I have found that I can't stand riding an indoor trainer, but if the weather situation doesn't improve I will need to start riding more indoors.  I just don't like riding inside, even if I watch something on the big screen it just seems so much like working, not like riding outdoors where I can lose myself in the ride.  I still have to concentrate, but when I am outside it just seems like I'm not really working.  

If you want some good cyclocross entertainment check out the CycloCrossChannel on YouTube, here is a link to the first of two videos for the Belgian Cyclocross Championship where Sven Nys makes an incredible comeback after some first lap mistakes.  You can see most of the World Cup Cyclocross races on the CycloCrossChannel.  Have fun and get out and ride!

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